HEIMDAL Proactive Cyber Security Software

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Unique Threat Prevention

  • The worlds most advanced DNS/HTTP(S) Protection 

  • Threat Hunting and detection of threats that AV cannot see 

  • Prevent Ransomware 

  • Full Vulnerability Management 

  • Software asset management 

  • Global software deployment Stop threat before they do damage!

NGAV Threat remediation

  • 4 Advanced malware detection layers 

  • Market leading detection rate 

  • Live process monitoringt 

  • Lightweight and simple to use 

  • Remove threats with ease

  • Full EDR solution with Foresight

Privilege Management

  • Easy escalation of rights 

  • Worlds only de-escalation on threats 

  • Full control of the escalation process 

  • Mobile approval supported

  • Auto-mode supported

  • Full Audit Trail

Mailfraud / BEC Protection

  • Detect CEO Fraud     

  • Detect Financial Fraud

  • Spot Insider Business E-mail Compromise     

  • Find imposter threats

  • Stop advanced malware mails

  • 125 vectors of Mail Fraud intelligence